Xaat’aa ‘laa is. Gitaak Kingwun hinuu di’ k’yun. (Hello good people. I am Little Doll Looking Around)

I am from the Haida Tribe, my husband grew up in an Inupiaq village of Unalakleet, Alaska  Welcome to our little corner of the internet! Our family wants to share our culture, our newfound understanding on how we should be living-truly in the present, and our adventures in this small island of Southeast Alaska. 

2018 was a year of re calibrating our priorities in life. Over the last 11 years with 3 kids, full-time jobs, second jobs, hobbies, our lives became TOO busy with things that really don’t matter. This year, our focus was to destress, regroup, clean up our diet, getting back into our culture, and spending time outside. ALOT of time outside! This has lead to our MVMT LFE. We focus on natural movement and follow the eight pillars which are discipline techniques to live your best life. And as a family, we are doing that together. 

So come join us on this journey and get inspired to live your best life in 2019. 

Hawsan dang hl kingsang (Until we meet again)

Haw’aa (Thank you!) 

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