Virtue of Character: Generosity

What is generosity? Have you really thought about how generous we are in life? Many first nations people believed that “the love of possessions was a weakness to be overcome.” In our families Haida culture Potluck giving was one way to overcome the attachment of possessions as real wealth was determined not by how much you acquired, but by how much you can give.

I have been amazed at how difficult it can be to detach ourselves from possessions, to maintain a minimal lifestyle. Our culture in so many ways has really made possessions almost a requirement for status or comfort. With many of the changes our family has made this year, generosity and detachment from possessions is one of them. Often times we buy things to make us happy, because inside their feels like an absence of something that belongs. I have found that it is not an absence from material items, as it is more an absence from our connection to nature and to ourselves.
It is easy to become disconnected from who we are and how we were created. Developing a heart of generosity drives us to care more about those around us and less for material items. I have found the more we avoid materialism in all its forms the happier our lives become.
I believe we are surrounded by all that we could ever ask for in family, friends, and nature. To connect with what is important in life. To move, play, sing, dance, and enjoy life! What could be better?!

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