Emotional Healing Techniques

For the last several months, I’ve been on a healing journey. For me, healing came first and foremost from within. Our thoughts are the architects of our reality; they are the framework of our actions. ” Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul”¬† -Dorothy Day Feel better aboutContinue reading “Emotional Healing Techniques”

Cold Exposure Training (Tadaang Sangaay St’igagaa)

Cold Exposure Training¬†(Tadaang Sangaay St’igagaa) I grew up in a small Inupiaq village in northern Alaska. Cold exposure was a part of growing up. Winter officially started in late September or early October and did not seem to warm up until mid May. All activities of hunting, ice fishing, skiing, snowshoeing, and exploring took placeContinue reading “Cold Exposure Training (Tadaang Sangaay St’igagaa)”

Play…. The Foundation of Youth

Xaat’aa ‘laa is (Hello Good People) “Defining play is difficult because it’s a moving target. It’s a process, not a thing. It begins in anticipation, and hopefully ends in poise. In between you find surprise, pleasure, understanding- as a skill and empathy – and strength of mind, body and spirit.”¬† -Eberle Play. There is anContinue reading “Play…. The Foundation of Youth”