Releasing The Baggage

We have been talking a lot about reconstructing our lives. In the way we move, eat, work, play, and workout. This week, the last days of 2018 I have had a focus of de cluttering the massive amounts of possessions I have. Clothes are out of control and taking over our bedroom, jewelry is shoved in every drawer of my over-sized jewelry case, books are on the shelves that I haven’t touched in five years…Things.Are.Everywhere. I have watched my husband through his transformation, and have been by his side. I have watched how easy it is for him to get rid of possessions and be able to be present in everything he’s doing. For me, it comes a little bit harder. One of the things I have struggled with is accumulation of possessions.
So this week, I had enough. I was so frustrated trying to find something that “looked good” on me when I was getting dresses. My clothes were spilling out of my closet, I couldn’t close my drawers, I didn’t know what was clean or dirty (no judgment here, I know you’ve felt the same!). I was tired and done feeling this way. So, I decided to take the entire morning and go through my closet.
Here are the steps I took:
Ø  I pulled everything. I mean everything out of my closet and created piles on my bed: dresses, sweaters/sweatshirts, t-shirts, pants, leggings, workout gear, underwear, hats/scarves, etc.
Ø  I went through each piece of clothing and tried it on. I decided if I felt good in it or if it fit in a way I was comfortable with. If I was comfortable with it, I put it in the keep pile. If I wasn’t, it was tossed.
Ø  I then tried on different outfits and made sure every piece went with each other. That I can create several outfits out of a select few clothing.

Why this change?
Freedom in the morning! Not having too many options keeps the clothing selection slim, and in return a quick configuration of what I want to wear that day. I am also super comfortable with everything in my closet so I know that even if I don’t feel particularly good about myself, I’ll look okay out in the real world!
The lesson I took away from this?! Possession is a theft of joy! It doesn’t really matter what we have, it’s what we do with the time that we have with our selves and our loved ones.
What are you doing to become the best version of YOU?!?!
Happy New Year friends. I pray abundant blessing on you and your family this year!
Hawsan dang hl kingsang (Until we meet again)
Haw’aa (Thank you!)

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