Natural Human Movement

Natural Human Movement
So let’s start with a quote, “looking fit and being fit are not the same.” Looking fit deals with the cosmetic improvements in body shape made through specific exercises designed at increasing muscle specific density for no other reason then visual pleasantry. Being fit is the capability to perform physically as well as mentally during real world situations that continually adapt with effectiveness as well as efficiency.

Not to off in the distant past was it not uncommon for daily life to call for a keen physical ability, where the idea to sling a deer or travel great distance over difficult and unforgiving terrain was nothing special. Most individuals lived a seasonal and unpredictable life, where early preparation as well as the development to endure drastic seasonal changes was necessary. During those times it was essential that individuals prepared their body for the extraordinary exertions that might be expected upon them on any day.
In modern times, fitness in so many ways has become an accessory to life rather than part of life requirements. As individuals we have to decide whether to “exercise” or not. Sadly many choose to perform either nothing or the mere minimum to maintain somewhat of a healthy figure. The deeper look into natural human movement goes beyond just the building blocks of muscle growth, but dives into the combination of the physical and mental strengthening into one integrated whole that focuses primarily on the daily demands of life. Regardless of how “easy” life has become, natural human movement is a biological necessity to our physical, as well as mental health.
Once we return to our roots we can begin to understand the radically transforming need to develop daily practice both in our home and work environments as well as in nature. Through this exploration of self, we can rediscover our natural human patterns of movement that have become lost within our current cultural and social environment. Humans have an instinctual ability to recover strength, balance, mobility, flexibility, grace, agility, peace, and joy through movement as well as intentional and unintentional relaxation and meditation of the body and mind.
When you think of Natural Human Movements like walking, crawling, running, balancing, jumping, climbing, swimming, lifting, throwing, catching, digging, and fighting may come to mind. These are natural skills that were and are still essential to both our ancestors as well as our families today. These basic movements provide foundational skills that build upon our ability to move with confidence and ease in changing environments and circumstances.

Our approach in life should be to explore the wide range of linear, circular, and three dimensional space for the purpose of addressing physical and mental limitations in our daily lives. Through progressive development and conscious awareness of our strength development as well as overall discipline we can connect on a deeper level with our own existence and begin to correlate our overall health and purpose with the environment around us. This becomes the connection between natural movement and nature, which brings about a deeper practice and spiritual connection.
As we explore our capability through natural movement we find an extraordinary power inside of us. Our practice becomes less like training, and more like life. We move not because we have to but because we can. Our exploration opens up new avenues of inner and outer strength that simply occurs through our natural human development, but was somewhere lost during our early childhood of development. These engrained skills and ability are not lost, but just lay dormant waiting for our need to utilize them and develop their effectiveness as well as efficiency. Let’s face it, in today’s comfortable and controlled world we are loosing sight of the practical skills of our ancestors, however these skills and our ability to apply them under life-threatening situations cannot be ignored or undervalued.
Let us move not because we have to but because we can!

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