Edge of the Knife Film

We had a weekend of Haida!

Clint and I went to a showing of the first film that was strictly filmed in the Haida language (Yaad Kil), with Haida actors, on the Haida land of Haida Gwaii. It was a wonderful red carpet night.

The night started off with appetizers of smoked salmon, sailor boy crackers, punch and other goodies. We also had a long line of people to be thanked for the movie including Ketchikan Indian Community. Before the showing of the movie, each language of the First Nations people said a prayer.

It’s a deep feeling inside when you get to hear your language being spoken. I was never in a time where we weren’t able to celebrate being Haida, however, I could imagine what my father and grandparents went through when they weren’t treated with respect. We have come so far in honoring where we came from. With native languages dying, this movie is an incredible step in revitalizing our language and culture!

After the movie, we were honored to listen to some of the cast of the movie on their thoughts. We were able to ask questions and hear their stories. To be able to listen to the process of the movie and hear how it came about was powerful!

If you would like more information on the movie, check out their facebook page!


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