Mountain Running Tips

I originally wrote this article for Inside Dirt magazine, and every once in a while I see the training tips pop up all over the world for mountain running training ideas. Lately, these tips showed up in the Australian Mountain Running Association. I have been excited to see this article make its way around, asContinue reading “Mountain Running Tips”

Our Top Adventures in Maui, Hawaii

So we thought we would share a little about our favorite adventures while visiting Maui, Hawaii last month. For a family of 5 we have found that it is extremely important for us to do a little research and plan out our destinations and activities to provide both a safe environment for the kids, whileContinue reading “Our Top Adventures in Maui, Hawaii”

Maui, Hawaii 2019

This past Spring Break we took our family to Hawaii for vacation. It was one of the first family vacations we have taken probably in forever. It was one of my most favorite vacations to date.  First Luau! This was one of the best Luau’s I have been too (I’ve only been to one other,Continue reading “Maui, Hawaii 2019”