Maui, Hawaii 2019

This past Spring Break we took our family to Hawaii for vacation. It was one of the first family vacations we have taken probably in forever. It was one of my most favorite vacations to date. 

First Luau! This was one of the best Luau’s I have been too (I’ve only been to one other, but this one takes the win!). We were treated like royalty. Before dinner started, we were able to learn traditional Hawaiin games, watch carvers, look at handmade, authentic jewelry and get pictures taken by the water. Dinner time was amazing and the food was unbelievably good. 

We stayed at Camp Olowalu, which at first I was terrified for. We had a crazy whirlwind of a first night that consisted of sleeping in the car, having our daughter freak out, which ultimately woke up the car campers, and crawling in our tent at 3:30AM. 
It had some epic views of the mountains, and the waves crashing next to the ocean put us to sleep. We had the opportunity to sleep in a tent the first few nights and move to the Tentalow which is a permanent structure. 
Cooking breakfast outside was a favorite of mine! 

We went hiking to some amazing places. This is the Waihe’e Ridge Trail Hike: 

We also went to the famous Road to Hana & Hiked the Pipawai trail: 

I stopped and had the best coconut water I’ve ever had: 

I live with monkey’s…

I also live with water babies… Our kids could not get enough of the waves! 

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