Our Top Adventures in Maui, Hawaii

So we thought we would share a little about our favorite adventures while visiting Maui, Hawaii last month. For a family of 5 we have found that it is extremely important for us to do a little research and plan out our destinations and activities to provide both a safe environment for the kids, while still providing a certain level of exploration and adventure. We have found as the kids get older (currently 8, 6, & 5) that many hikes and activities have opened up to us, but we also do not want to put too much strain on any specific outing that our kids loose their excitement and desire to get out in nature and hike, climb, and paddle.

We also know that their was some pretty awesome areas in Maui that are on our to do list, and given the length of our stay, we weren’t able to hit every location, so I am sure we will have a updated list here in the near future.

So here goes:

1. Pipiwai Trail & 7 Sacred Pools

2. ‘lao Valley State Park

3. Nakalele Blowhole & Sweetheart Rock

4. Waihee Ridge Trail

5. Baldwin Beach Park

6. Ho’okipa Beach

7. Historic Town of Paia & Mana Foods

8. Hana Road

9. Lahaina & Lahaina Baby Beach

9. Old Lahaina Luau 

Here are some of the things we learned while in Maui that we felt might go a long ways for others who might be visiting for the first time:

1. Arrive early if you plan on visiting a popular location. Most of the tour buses and other tourist seem to arrive around noon time.

2. Take plenty of breaks for water, food, and sunblock. We have experienced first hand what happens if the kids get hungry, thirsty, or burnt. If we can cover those main areas, the kids may get tired, but they tend to be always happy.

3. Be Respectful of both the culture and the land. I personally loved seeing all the signs around Maui that gave both the history as well as importance of that area.

4. Don’t listen fully to reviews. Remember reviews on locations can be drastically different depending on many factors. If you are interested in an area, check it out for yourself. We had plans multiple times to either skip or only do a portion because of someone else’s recommendation, luckily for us I enjoy exploring, and I am sure glad we did. We had some pretty awesome experiences!

5. Stay on the look out for road side eateries. We found all of those places to be amazing, both the food and the people. Remember sharing in the culture, is to share in the food.

6. Try new things. Especially camping!

7. Travel with a cooler. We visited locations where food was limited, having a cooler in the car kept the tribe full.

Lastly we wanted to give our kids point of view:

They loved the beach, and for their age, Lahaina Baby Beach was absolutely perfect. It was a bit crowded mid day, but the beach is big and their was plenty of real estate to set up camp. The kids could have spent every day there snorkeling and playing on their body board. They also love the ice cream and thought the pizza located at Mana Foods in Paia was amazing (It was also the largest sliced pizza we have EVER bought, we highly recommend checking it out.)

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