Best Camping Games

As summer fast approaches I thought I would take the opportunity to share our families top 5 camping games. Because seriously, entertaining 3 kids 10 and under takes skill and preparation. These games are guaranteed to keep your kids entertained and your family laughing for hours on end.

5 Great Camping Games Everyone Will Love

  1. Frisbee

Ok, so frisbee has to be one of our favorite family activities while camping. We honestly bring our frisbee everywhere. Not only does it take up a tiny space, but you can throw it in your backpack for a hike, or bring it down to the beach or an open space and get right to throwing. We have found out that this is a great way to get everyone involved and running around, whether you want to throw round robin, or split up into teams, frisbee will keep your busy and entertained for hours on end!

2. Bottle Bash

Maybe you have heard of this or better yet have played it, then you know how fun bottle bash can be. If you haven’t played this before and you enjoy frisbee, frisbee golf, or corn hole, then this game is for you. Not only is this light and portable, but it is a great way to get the whole family involved. So the rules are simple, get into two groups roughly 10-40 feet away (depends on skill level, 20 feet is average), each group stands behind the stand with a bottle balancing on top. One team will throw the frisbee trying to knock off the bottle. 2 points are given if the bottle hits the ground, and 1 point if the frisbee hits the ground. 3 point max can be made on each throw. If the bottle or frisbee are caught, no points awarded. Game goes to 21 or 11 for quick game.

Official rules can be found here.

Credit Here

Credit: Tory Shultz

3. Slackline

Yes, slackline has become kinda a thing among extreme sport enthusiasts, but at its core is an ultimate challenge of balance and movement. When the environment allows, our family always sets up 2 things right away, a hammock (because everyone loves to take a nap in a hammock) and a slackline. For those who might be unfamiliar with a slackline, it is basically a thick webbing anchored securely between two points. The “goal” of a slackline is to balance on the webbing without falling off and gracefully make your way to the other side. For those who begin to master this game of balance, additional movements like squatting, juggling, partner war, and a variety of other cool stuff can be done on a slackline. If you are new, our best advice is to one be patient, and two, if you continue to struggle you can always add a safety or balance line above to help you navigate across.

Now I am sure there are a lot of great slackline companies out there, the few that we have had experience with are through Gibbon Slacklines, find link here. We have no affiliation with them what so all, but absolutely love their slacklines.

Credit Here

4. Kubb

I know, what is a Kubb? Is that really a name of a game? Yes, we thought the same things too. We were first introduced to Kubb when we were surfing at Indian Beach, Oregon. I was out in the water, doing my best to look like I knew what I was doing, my girls where digging huge holes in the sand, and my youngest boy…. Well he was going around making friends with other boys, and guess what game his new friend was playing with his family? Yep, you guessed it Kubb!

So what exactly is Kubb? Here is the simple premise. Two teams of players set up five wooden blocks called Kubbs (they can be purchased or better yet built) and set up around 15-25 feet apart, with the King Kubb in the middle of the playing area. The object of the game is to toss batons at your opponents kubbs (blocks) and attempt to knock them over. When all of your opponents kubbs are down the first team to knock down the King Kubb wins!!!! More in-depth rules can be found here.

Credit Here

5. Slap Jack

Last, but definitely not least is our favorite card game Slap the Jack. This is a perfect game to play in the tent, or in our case in our van during a rainy day outside. When you don’t want everyone to just sit on electronics a deck of cards can bring a lot of fun and enjoyment to the whole family. The reason why we like slap the jack is because of the simplicity, quick pace, and of course the slapping! I won’t go into the details of how to play because it is pretty straight forward but here is a link to a few different ways to play it. Happy slapping!!!

So what games do you play when you are camping? We would love to hear below?

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