River Wrangler “Review”

Gear we actually use and love!

River Wrangler

Okay so lets talk about the elephant in the room. Do we love Kavu? Yes, absolutely. Are we supported by Kavu? Yes, absolutely. It was our desire to partner with companies that we both resinated with and loved. Kavu has been that outdoor clothing company for us for years, and if you own any of Kavu clothing, bags, or hats then you know exactly what we are talking about. So after reaching out and developing a relationship with Kavu, we got set to offer a 20% discount for anyone who uses our affiliate link. I believe this is a win win for everyone. Kavu gets more traffic, the buyer gets 20% off on clothing that they already love, and we get supported as a family to share what we love!

So lets dive into the River Wrangler shirt for men. What I like about this shirt the most aside from the super cool fish designs (granted you may not like it if you don’t like fish……) is first how well it wicks moisture and I absolutely love a button up shirt that stretches. When you spend long hours on the water, staying dry is essential, and the river wrangler will not only move with you, but will keep you dry throughout the day.

There are two different designs in this shirt, the first one shown above is the Night Fishn and the other one is Fish Line. I find that the Fish Line design has a little too much going on for me, but the Night Fishn is just perfect! Not too much, not too little. Cost runs a little high at $85, but then again this isn’t your regular type of shirt. I use this shirt for of course fishing, which definitely ups my fishing came, as well as a day on my kayak or walking through town. Versatility is a key component for me, I want to look good both in the water as well as on land. The sizing runs perfect, I wear a medium in all of Kavu’s clothing.

If you are interested in checkin this shirt out, use our affiliate link for a 20% discount. We appreciate your support! click here

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Coolest shirt ever? Let us know below…..

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