About Clint

Strength First!

Clint has been teaching martial arts, natural movement, and kettlebell training for over 10 years. Training is about fostering a relationship with your natural potential, pushing limits, and expanding our understanding of what we can accomplish.

He believes firmly that less is more. His personal training usually consists of natural movement, kettlebell practice, calisthenics, and cold water training. Clint also uses daily intermittent fasting both as a health benefit as well as his faith practice.

Clint has had the opportunity to serve on various service teams teaching martial arts and strength in the Philippines, Brazil, and throughout the US. He has also been a high school coach for cross country running/skiing, biathlon, wrestling, basketball, and Native Youth Olympics.

He continues to share his experience with his students and private clients.


-Hardstyle Fit Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor

-Core Power Yoga Instructor

-Krav Maga Instructor

-Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate & Filipino Arnis

-Brooks Running Sponsored Coach

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