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We are a family of five living on a small island in Southeast Alaska. I (Tory) am an Alaskan born Native and am from the Haida (Hahy-duh) Tribe. Clint (my husband) grew up in a small Inupiaq village of Unalakleet. Together we have three amazing children ages 10, 8 and 7. We are living and doing things “we hope to do someday” NOW, instead of waiting for a “magical time” in the future. We believe it is important to do things that make you feel ALIVE. And for us, it’s exploring the trails to the mountains, and the tides of the ocean.

We look forward to joining us on this adventure called life. This blog is for those EVERYDAY kind of people. You know them. Hikers. Climbers. Paddlers. Surfers. Those who love adventure, but still work and have families. We believe that if we can do it, so can YOU!

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