River Wrangler “Review”

Gear we actually use and love! River Wrangler Okay so lets talk about the elephant in the room. Do we love Kavu? Yes, absolutely. Are we supported by Kavu? Yes, absolutely. It was our desire to partner with companies that we both resinated with and loved. Kavu has been that outdoor clothing company for usContinue reading “River Wrangler “Review””

Adventure-Travel Packing Tips

Adventure travel packing can seem a bit daunting at times, especially when you start to think about all the items that you possible may need to bring. Often times our wants heavily outweigh our needs. So I wanted to take the opportunity to share some recommended tips on preparing for your next adventure! I haveContinue reading “Adventure-Travel Packing Tips”

Kayaking Betton Island, Alaska

There is nothing like spending the day circumnavigating one of the most beautiful islands here in Clover Pass, Alaska. Tory and I took the opportunity to drop the kids off for a day with their Chinna and Nanna, so we could spend 6 hours together on the water, soaking up the beautiful rock formations, highContinue reading “Kayaking Betton Island, Alaska”

Best Camping Games

As summer fast approaches I thought I would take the opportunity to share our families top 5 camping games. Because seriously, entertaining 3 kids 10 and under takes skill and preparation. These games are guaranteed to keep your kids entertained and your family laughing for hours on end. 5 Great Camping Games Everyone Will LoveContinue reading “Best Camping Games”