Kettlebell Training


Hardstyle Kettlebell trainings are simple, focused, and efficient. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Over the many years of functional training, I have found that I can maintain, as well as increase my performance by maintaining a minimalist approach to my daily workouts. This approach is simple, efficient, and effective.

Most of my kettlebell training is focused on complex training sets, performing at least two exercises back to back with a brief rest period. Kettlebell complex training focuses on two primary movements: strength (muscle force production) and power (rate of force production).

Now Kettlebell exercises can be segmented into two general categories: Ballistics and Grinds. The simple explanation is that Ballistics are mostly executed with speed, while Grinds are slow and steady.

Ballistics: Generate and absorb power in a dynamic movement. These movements would include: Swing, clean, snatch, jerk, ect.

Grinds: Slow and controlled movement. These would include: Overhead press, squat, deadlift, windmill, getup, ect.

Now a third category for Kettlebell techniques could be referred to as “Combinations” or “Complex”. This involves the movement sequence that include both a Ballistic and Grind movement. These exercises can accentuate the benefits of the Ballistic and Grind movements.

Here are some of my favorite Kettlebell Complexes.

(Each complex is done for 10 rounds)

Bear Complex (Double or Single Kettlebell):



Front Squat


15-30 second rest | repeat

Getup Complex (Single Kettlebell):

Getup to standing position


Getup to starting position

Repeat opposite side

Warrior Complex (Double or Single Kettlebell)

Bent Row x5

Clean x5

Press x5

Snatch x5

Goblet or Front Squat x5

30-45 second rest | repeat

Clint is a level 2 Hardstyle Kettlebell Instructor

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